Educate 4 Access Beyond the Bell Program is a free after school and summer camp programs that offer a structured environment, providing educational, arts/crafts and skill enrichment. We also provide free healthy nutritious meals to the children so that they might increase their learning ability and ensure healthy lifestyles. Sometimes children go home in the evenings without a full meal; just hot fries or Taki’s and a soda.

At-Risk children in low income areas are in tremendously high-risk due to crime, violence, drugs, gangs, sex predators (in home and out) and pregnancy.  What a bleak future to face and many other dangers that can terrorize and devastate their lives.

We need your help and rely on your donations, so please donate now!  

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Your motivational presentations definitely empower your audiences with the skills necessary.

Crest Investments

The summer camps at our …community were very organized and the children enjoyed the contests and prizes!!!!

Sharla Piest

Ms. Debra assisted us in designing our youth community room.

Belma Sanchez

I love working with the lego kits when I attend the afterschool program.

Dejuan McCoy

Great courses for a single mom!!!!

Jocelyn Turner